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"Since a kid, I’ve always wanted to work on cars. My passion to fix cars was there before I could even drive, and when I finally did get behind the wheel of my first car it was a Ford Mustang. My Mustang was inspired by a neighbor’s car, which was a white 1991 Mustang 5.0 with exhaust moderations. After hearing that car I fell in love and have been in love ever since.

That love and passion has inspired the creation of Mustang Mafia. A car club that is aspiring to be a cut above the average car club, a car club that wants to do more than just ride around and a car club that is intertwined with a love for Mustangs and men wanting to give back to the community. Mustang Mafia’s members are not picked by how fast their cars are, but by their willingness to be active with the group in the community.

Mustang Mafia’s goal is for its name to be affiliated with all of the good deeds they intend to do in the community. Our motto is “Leading the Pack”, and that’s exactly what we intend to do."

- Bert G.

Founder of Mustang Mafia

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